NZ Poll

(Readers, this is to be sung along to the tune of Frere Jaques)


Colmar Brunton, Colmar Brunton

How’s our poll? For whom does it toll?

Simon Bridges falling, Judith Collins rising

She’s on a roll, He’ll be on the dole


Simon Bridges, Simon Bridges

That negative voice, You’ve got no choice

Andrew Little showed how, Time for you to go now

We’ll all rejoice, No more of that voice


Crusher Collins, Crusher Collins

Get to work, Earn that perk

Time to roll poor Simon, Never better timin’

Show that smirk, maybe try a twerk


Jacinda Arden, Beg my pardon

Now you’re on top, ‘tho Kiwibuild’s a flop

Time to get it moving, steadily improving

Give Phil the chop, before your numbers drop


Winston Peter, Poll number beater

Now you’re up to 5, NZ First’s alive

You and Jonesy’s rural, leadership is plural

You’re bound to thrive, The Nats will dive


Shaw’s Green Party, Rather arty farty

We thought you’d be gone, But you’re hanging on

Golriz’s fighting free speech, Should be cleaning the beach

Something’s wrong, We smell a pong

David Seymour, trying to be more

Rebranding Act, 1% to be cracked

Epsom could’ve done with, better than Paul Goldsmith

That’s a fact, he should be sacked




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