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Thankfully the streets are clear from dreadful posters of bland people offering pathetic slogans promising nothings like “With you, for you” or “Together we thrive” or “Working with the community” and so on. None of them either measurable or achievable, but there you go, at least 40% of us bothered.

My bet is a good deal less voters actually read what the candidates had printed under their names in the election booklets printed and posted at great expense. There should have been a prize for anyone who actually got through the hospital candidates and then made sensible numerical grading of their choices.

When we get to vote for the big government, they don’t bother printing booklets of platitudes like they do for local body elections so why bother for these, and please let’s dump postal elections which are only there to reduce the losses at NZ Post. Make people get off their backsides and get down to the local polling places on the day. At least we won’t face the mockery of making them pull down their election signs just before the last day when in fact we having already been voting for weeks.

Postal voting may get low turnouts but it is so easily corrupted. Just wait at the post office and pick up all the discarded election envelopes and vote away. As the famous Mayor Daly of Chicago said, “vote early and vote often”. Postal voting makes this easy.

As for the results, well that was pretty much a waste of time as hardly any change occurred at all, unless like in Wellington where a long-time loser made it thanks to a wealthy patron who wanted some project he didn’t like stopped. That was a lesson learned by all wealthy Kiwis, results can be bought!

Auckland shows that grey beats bright colours. After three years saying he couldn’t do anything about Council Controlled Organisations (which are anything but) Goff has promised to look into them, really look into them. Is that it? Don’t hold your breath!

Then just when we are recovering from weeks of reporting on local body choices, we get another national poll telling us that all of a sudden our internationally loved PM is no longer popular enough to stay in power. Just imagine what laughing stock we would become if we did dump Jacinda for the elocutionally challenged Simon. Don’t even think about it!

We currently have an unexpectedly high government surplus and apparently business people are preferring the party whose finance spokesperson said it was going to be an $11m deficit. Really!

We worry about mental health, yet there is apparently a large portion of our population that are depressed by our economy which currently is growing, has very low unemployment, a large government surplus so that shows that mental health in the community must be working well because all these nutters are out there and falling in love with the last government who didn’t manage to do any of these things. Beats me!

They shouldn’t visit Australia or they would discover an economy that is slowing down, an environment that is so dry that dairy farmers are walking off their farms while politicians are promising new coal mines and poopoohing anything to do with climate change. Madness is growing.


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