Whilst we did say “Sorry but we told you so”, we are in fact dead chuffed to have got so many predictions right. Even more so when we opened today’s Herald to see that the group of overpaid CEOs self-styling as Mood of the Boardroom generally agreed with our assessment of which politicians are doing ok, even if it did generally reflect their traditionally National supporting view of life, as evidenced by their hopeful assessment of shadow Minister of Finance Goldsmith who we don’t think a lot of, but then along with Don Braid of Mainfreight we never rated Steven Joyce even though the Boardroom did.

Lange always said these guys (and they are mostly guys) are like reef fish, all following each other and that is true to a degree with most rating their own business futures higher than their level of optimism. Remember these guys had high level of optimism under Key as we plunged over the cliff into the Global Financial Crisis.

Rather than a group of CEOs, many of whom have appeared there before heading completely different companies, can’t we get the Mood of Business Owners, the people who actually invest their own money in the business and see what they say. As we’ve said before here, Governments confuse Corporate NZ with Business NZ.

So, here are a few predictions.

Sky TV will bounce back for a while with their new CEO fully focussed on Sports, but the total absence of broadcasting technologists on their board will result in continued lost ground.

Chorus, who had the cheek to criticise the government, will come under increased pressure to perform given their virtual monopoly of telecom installation work.

Twyford will make a mess of Transport if he doesn’t urgently get some engineering help at NZTA

Fonterra won’t dramatically recover and will continue to fight to change the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act that gave them their monopoly that they have failed to exploit and hopefully the government won’t change the law.

National, whose excellent policy to dump two rules before passing any new ones will discover that most of the dumb ones they have to get rid of were actually the idea of Steven Joyce.

Climate Change will continue to harass us without much clarity as to what the average citizen can do to help.

Lawyers with no technical training at all will continue to advise us on technology choices and foolishly some folk will listen.

And lastly Boards with the correct racial and gender balance, but where they are all lawyers and accountants will continue to perform badly.



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