What We're All About

Who are we and why we care

We’ve some inside knowledge as to the workings and goings on within our biggest city and so have a few thoughts on what works and what doesn’t as well as a few ideas as to what we could be doing to make Auckland the best city in the world.

The View from the Bach in Ponsonby is exactly that a view, but also from the bach. That’s right, whilst most of us are looking for a bach somewhere out of the city and close to the beach we actually live in a small rural village (close to the beach) and have the bach in the city.

This means that we are able to look at things a little differently as well looking in from the outside and based in a place that is effected by what goes on in Auckland as are most places throughout New Zealand.

Our blogs are designed to get people thinking and talking about how to make changes for the better. This isn’t a site produced in any way to be negative towards Auckland as we have a love for the great city like most and believe that it has the ability to be number one in the world.

We are here to help you love your country cousins.

Enjoy, talk, discuss and think